animate:SPACE is an arts/performance production company specialising in the creation of unique performances and events which occur outside the constraints of traditional theatrical institutions. Its multidisciplinary approach to the design and facilitation of performances make their events unique and important in providing a platform for new and exciting work. animate:SPACE is a small dynamic team dedicated to infusing life into static spaces in the city, through their re-organisation and design, use and transformation. The company draws its experiences from backgrounds in Theatre Design, Fine Art, Architecture, and Urban and Cultural Geography.

Monday, November 26, 2007



Idea conceived by:

Henna Yoon, Oliver J. Hymans, Joao P. Neves and Jung Eun Yoo


Alyona Zadoya
Cecilia Gell
Lindsay Mc Donald
Raymond Tait
Roberta Vaz
Veronika Jirouskova

Sound Designer:

Patrick Furness

Designed, Directed by:

Henna Yoon, Oliver J. Hymans and Jung Eun Yoo


Myriam Baadi
Xi Chen

The Window Gallery Curator:

John O'Hora


Hui Lin Lee


Simon at 'The Others'

Special thanks to, Jonathan, Oliver's grandparents, 'The Others', and the 'Seduced' Window Gallery group